Cargo compartment inspection (LCI) and tanks

Inspection of warehouses and tanks, before loading, is a service we provide to verify that ships' warehouses/tanks are able to safely load and transport your goods.
During the inspection of holds, we check the declaration of the last 4 loads and the cleaning methods used, we inspect the holds of the ship or barge in detail to verify that they are clean, dry and free from traces of previous loads, all in accordance with the Gafta Code of Practice.

Our Cargo Compartment Inspections (LCI) or Cleaning and Tank Inspections are carried out by experienced and qualified inspectors who are familiar with the relevant rules and regulations (GMP+).

As part of our standard procedure, once all of the above has been verified, we provide acceptance or rejection. Our inspectors can also carry out cleaning inspections on warehouses and bulk/tank trucks.
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